How to find your provident fund universal account number?

The Employees Provident Fund Organization has worked towards making its services available online. One important element in all the online processes of the EPFO is having an active universal account number or UAN.

UAN enables one account number for one subscriber, irrespective of the number of the employers. So, once you have obtained one UAN from the EPFO. It will remain the same in all the future jobs in organizations that are covered under the EPF scheme. As an employer, you just need to share your UAN with the new employer for them to get your previous balance transferred to the new account.

While the Universal Account Number(UAN) number remains the same, You are given a new member ID and an EPF account by EPFO for every employer which will be employer-specific.

If you have been working for a long time but, you are not aware of your UAN, then you can ask your employer for the UAN details or you can find out yourself, through the EPFO’s UAN portal.

All you need to do is to go to the EPFO’s unified member portal for UAN related services. Also, select the “know your UAN status” option under the “important links” section.

The browser will redirect you to another page. You will have to input details such as current member ID or Employee Provident Fund account number. Your name, date of birth, mobile phone number and email. Your Employee Provident Fund member ID is printed in your salary slip.

After submitting these details, you will get an authorization PIN on the registered mobile number. After entering the details, the UAN will be sent to your registered mobile number and email.

Now, you know your UAN.


Source by financialexpress